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Oct1 Category: Chicago Workshop Time: 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM Title: Biz Con and Beyond: Risk Management for Small Businesses
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Cost: FREE
Are you aware of the safety issues and events that could put your business at risk? Ask yourself:
1.    Has your business ever been burglarized?
2.    What would you do if your business location was flooded?
3.    How secure is your customer database?
4.    How do you protect your business from negligent employees?
5.    Do you have safety programs in place to prevent injuries to your employees and the public?

If you don’t have a solution in place, your business could be at serious risk.  Any number of events can cause disruption or potential damage to your business and business operations.  Accidents, loss of customers, market share and extended down times can result in loss of profits and your business may never reopening. In fact, one quarter of businesses never reopen after a major disaster.

You will learn:

•    Financial benefits of effective risk management
•    Strategies to guard yourself against fire, auto accidents and cyber crime
•    Employee safety and health risk management
•    How the Small Business Risk Education (SBRE) Program provided by The Travelers Companies, Inc., WBDC and Accion can benefit you and your business.

Participation in this workshop will make you eligible for the SBRE Program which includes:

•    One-on-one risk counseling by Travelers consultants
•    Personal assistance with a  Risk Management Plan
•    An opportunity to apply for funding to implement your Risk Management Plan

Criteria to participate in the SBRE Program:

  1. Business must have a retail or public primary location (no home-based businesses)
  2. Must have verifiable tax returns to validate revenues
  3. Must be a registered business with city permits and must have a DBA or corporation
  4. Must demonstrate ability to create jobs based on capital infusion
  5. Should be in business at least two years (exceptions may be made for high-growth-potential startups)
  6. Should have at minimum $50,000 in gross sales (preferably $100,000)
  7. Have capacity-building constraints due to capital limitations
  8. Show an expressed interest in safety and contingency planning

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