What happens when women want promotions? See Hillary Clinton

In 2016, why do women still have to try so hard to be considered deserving of a job, a promotion or a capital investment? Why do women have to work harder than men to appear qualified and competent?

I’ve thought about that throughout Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as both male and female supporters hard-sell her capabilities. Presidential candidates regardless of political party affiliation do not come more prepared, determined, courageous or committed than Clinton, but she still has a steep uphill battle.

Clinton is a Wellesley and Yale graduate, a lawyer, a former first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state and now the first woman of a major party selected to run for president. She can match or exceed the qualifications and experience of any former U.S. presidential candidate regardless of party affiliation. She has spent a lifetime working on significant social issues to improve the lives of others. Yet she and her supporters must constantly remind us of her accomplishments and intent, as if her long history as a public servant is not meaningful or proof enough. That’s due, in part, to characteristics of hers that are frequently criticized.

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