Women’s Business Development Center Celebrates 30 Years Fueling Entrepreneurial Success

Emilia DiMenco 2013_webAs a major 21st century trend, small business development is the key driver of economic growth, creating new jobs and innovative products and services that lead to economic self-sufficiency and helps build stronger communities. An estimated 25 million people in the U.S., many of them women, now run their own enterprise.

Business ownership wasn’t always an option for women. It is easy to forget that prior to the passing of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act in 1974, women could not get credit on their own. In order to level the playing field, the Women’s Business Development Center, headquartered in Chicago, was launched in 1986 to provide women and minorities with the business tools they needed to succeed. Today, with our support, more than 75,000 women (and men) have started and/or expanded their businesses. Read more…

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