Small Business to Trump: Let Us Help Revamp Obamacare: By Kristen Schorsch

With the new administration, the healthcare landscape is quickly evolving.  As advocates for small business, the WBDC recognizes the implications repealing the ACA has on small business. In partnership with Health and Disability Advocates, we’re using our voice in the important discussion about the ACA and why it matters for small business. Join the conversation.

Small Business to Trump: Let Us Help Revamp Obamacare
By Kristen Schorsch

Seven years into Obamacare, small business owners across the Midwest say health insurance still costs too much and they struggle to find affordable plans for their workers. Plus, they remain stumped over what federal health reform offers them: an online exchange geared toward business owners. That’s according to a new survey jointly conducted by the Chicago-based Women’s Business Development Center and the Chicago nonprofit Health & Disability Advocates. They queried small business owners in five Midwestern states, including Illinois, just after the November election. The goal was to get employers’ perspectives on offering health insurance, wellness initiatives and the impact of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Read the full article in Crain’s.




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