Small Business Spotlight: Chicago Business Owner Finds Success Despite Economic Challenges

The construction industry has recently become an important part of the national conversation. For Rosemary Swierk, it’s been her line of work and passion for most of her career. Since 2004, Rosemary has served as President of Direct Steel and Construction. Rosemary recognizes the future of the industry as diverse and always evolving.

Graduating from Indiana University, Rosemary was hired immediately into male dominated industries.  Eventually, she was recruited back to her hometown, Chicago, where she met her husband. With a demanding career, the desire to have children motivated Rosemary to rearrange her priorities.  During her pregnancy, Rosemary drove past a dilapidated building in her community almost every day. “The more I passed the building, the more I saw a budding opportunity to rebuild,” she explains. So, she took a chance. She bought the building, gutted it, and transformed it into a desirable piece of real estate, which was eventually occupied by a bank. Read more.

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