Small Business Spotlight: Female Business Leader Provides More Than Just Auto Insurance

As the business of insurance of all kinds continues to be a local and national talking point, Fatima Sifuentes, owner of Seguromex Insurance, is making strides in the field of auto insurance.

Born and raised in Mexico until the age of 16, Fatima learned the value of insurance and the need to educate others upon moving to Illinois. At 40 years old, with nearly two decades of experience in the car insurance industry under her belt, Fatima takes her role and business (Seguromex Insurance) seriously. “I established my own business in June 2009 and I have a total of 19 years of expertise in Car Insurance, Home Insurance and many other areas. I have also been involved in customer service, complaints, running training for things like software for insurance brokers and department training. You name it, I have probably tried it. I am passionate about my career and I love learning new things because more than selling policies I want to educate my community on the need of insurance.”

Located in Aurora, Illinois, a predominantly Latino populated area, Fatima makes it a point to offer her services and materials in both English and Spanish and is truly committed to her community. Fatima hopes to continue informing customers like herself, who were unaware of the need for insurance and the scope of policies available on the market. She works to fight against unfair and deceptive agents and policies that take advantage of unknowing customers. Read more.

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