3 Expert Strategies for Improving Your Personal Brand
By Erik J. Martin, Contributor

Improving your personal brand can make more customers want to do business with you and more candidates want to work for you.

What do you stand for as the owner of your business? And what kind of an entrepreneur do you want to be perceived as? The answers to these questions are found in your personal branding — the value of which can make a big impact on prospects, clients and the public at large.

Research suggests that building a personal brand is particularly crucial for early stage companies and matters more to staff and public forums at later stages. And in a recent study, executives polled credited 45% of their company’s overall reputation (as well as the level at which they can attract investors, garner positive media attention and attract employees) to the their CEO’s individual reputation.

But enhancing your personal brand isn’t an easy task. We connected with three experts in the field and asked their advice. Read more


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