Amanda Brinkman Honored

Deluxe Corporation was a century-old brand in need of a reboot. The $2 billion publicly traded company — rooted in a history of making paper checks — had evolved to offer marketing services for small businesses, but it needed a way to tell consumers its new story.

Deluxe found the perfect communicator in Amanda Brinkman, a champion of a pioneering “marketing for good” approach that focuses on how brands can improve the world around them while also improving their bottom line.

At global ad agency Fallon, Brinkman worked on the launch of the BMW Films, a groundbreaking marketing campaign that revolutionized content marketing before the advent of YouTube. Brinkman also founded UnitedHealth Group’s internal agency Carrot.

As the chief brand and communications officer at Deluxe, Brinkman was convinced that Deluxe would have a bigger impact if it deviated from typical corporate strategies and focused on people and the power of small businesses.

“Small Business Revolution,” a documentary series celebrating small businesses through mini-documentaries and photo-essays, was the first phase of the campaign. Brinkman also created, produced, and stars in the company’s acclaimed “Small Business Revolution — Main Street” series, which chronicles how Deluxe is helping transform small towns and their small businesses with $500,000 revitalizations. The series streams on Hulu and co-stars Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec.

The modern content-marketing approach yielded Deluxe incredible brand awareness with more than 2 billion impressions and more than 1,000 news stories to date.

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