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Dr. Kristin Morris
CEO and Principal Consultant of Genesis Consulting Services, LLC.
Dr. Kristin Morris headshot

Dr. Kristin Morris

What is the “Black-Owned Spotlight Series”? The Women’s Business Development Center is proud to celebrate the great business owners we work closely with. As part of our commitment to advocating for and amplifying diverse voices, we launched the WBDC Black-Owned Spotlight Series, where we periodically will highlight the experiences of our Black business owner community.

Meet Dr. Kristin Morris: Dr. Kristin Morris is CEO and Principal Consultant of Genesis Consulting Services, LLC. Located in the Twin Cities, Genesis Consulting Services, LLC, implements diversity, equity and inclusion practices, curriculum development, facilitation, and needs assessment services for private, corporate, and non-profit sectors. To learn more about Dr. Kristin Morris and Genesis Consulting Services, LLC, follow her on LinkedIn (Kristin Morris, EdD) and visit

We asked: What is the best way others can support Black-owned businesses?

Dr. Kristin Morris shared: The best way to support Balck-owned businesses is through seeing the value in our prices and ensuring that offers are fair.

We asked: What inspired you to start your business?

Dr. Kristin Morris shared: I knew that the impact I was capable of making would be much greater when making it on my own terms.

We asked: What advice would you share with new business owners? What lessons have you learned since growing your business?

Dr. Kristin Morris shared: My biggest piece of advice would be to take care of your team and network because you never know who you’re going to meet. I’ve also learned to always keep personal and business finances separate.

Thank you, Dr. Kristin Morris, for participating in the “Black-Owned Spotlight Series.” We are proud to have you in our WBE network.

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