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Patrice Darby

You never gave up, which gave me the strength to keep fighting. Thank you so much for your guidance and support. This means the world to our team. Thank you…

Toni Hill

I would not be here if it weren‘t for the WBDC. You all have been with me and have advised me from the beginning. Thank you for all you do.

Edna Bejarano

I learned how to make a Business Plan and a budget and when these were presented to the bank, the bank said they were very professional. Thank you for teaching…

Veronica Castro

My experience with the WBDC has not only enhanced my business acumen, but I am ten times more comfortable with technology today than I ever was before.

Amy Ihde

The exposure and connections you made really helped me to secure new business. Just in case you ever wonder if you are making a difference, know you truly are. Thank…

Mara Smith

If you want to hone your pitch skills and create a compelling deck to help get into your dream retailers, you should apply for the Top Shelf Retail cohort.

Kimberly Durden

You reminded me of the ridiculous bouncebackability I possess. Thank you!! I have not been this excited about my business since I started my business way back in 2016.

Shauna Cox

This program provided a community that encouraged me to explore business ideas in a safe, expertly guided environment. It motivated me to leverage my relationship with existing clients and to…

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