Plan For Profit: A guided process for developing your Business

Want to start or develop the business side of your business? The WBDC invites you to its blended learning program, Plan for Profit.

Work on your business plan online.

Then, join our group of entrepreneurs for 11 weeks of in-person sessions where you’ll get the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned online!

  • Hone your target market and learn how to reach them effectively
  • Discover potential competitors and how to stay competitive
  • Plan your operations, costs and sales projections,
  • Learn sales strategies
  • Create your story and work on your pitch.

Get ready to negotiate contracts with vendors, apply for loans, and grow your business!

The in person sessions actively engage you with others to discuss what you learned in designing your business plan on line and the challenges you face. Many of the sessions will also feature outside resources: an intellectual property attorney, an insurance broker, a digital marketing specialist, a banker. The final presentations will be in front of bankers who will listen to you pitch to them as bankers, as vendors and as clients.

After the program, you will participate in a monthly accountability group for six months that will feature you and your peers working on your business progress, and learning about sales and other topics you decide you need to learn.

Prerequisites: You must

  1. Complete the WBDC in-person workshop, Starting a Business in IL workshop
  2. Complete Business Financials 101 Online On-Demand Webinar
  3. be committed to only one business idea that you plan to develop
  4. Send a copy of your business concept and the way it will make money to our Director of Entrepreneurial Services.
  5. Make an appointment with her. She will help you assess your readiness for this rigorous program.

Note: Registration is by invitation only based on feasibility of business ideas and completing requirements above.



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