Plan For Profit: A guided process for developing your business

Want to start or develop the business side of your business?

Plan for Profit is WBDC’s newest and most comprehensive training program for people learning to work on their business whether they are start up or emerging businesses. Comprised of 3 modules of 4 sessions, the program helps you draft your business plan.

Each session focuses on a critical aspect of business development, shows you the ropes and then allows time for you to draft that part.  To strengthen your skills, you get feedback from each other on the part your researched and developed.  Moreover, a vast array of online tools help you research questions related to developing your business plan.

Upon completion of the 12-session program and a solid business plan you will receive a Business Plan Development Program Certificate.


Module 1: Foundation and Vision

  • Writing the first draft of your executive summary
  • Determining  market needs at the industry level
  • Identifying your target market
  • Building a company overview
  • Briefly pitching to your peers about your business

Prerequisite: prior to acceptance into the program you must:

  • Be committed to only one business idea that you plan to develop
  • Make an appointment with our Director of Entrepreneurial Services to help you assess your readiness for this rigorous program.
  • Attend WBDC’s Starting a Business in Illinois.
  • Complete the online course Business Financials 101.
  • Submit your feasible business concept to the Director of Entrepreneurial Services for program readiness assessment.
  • Strongly encouraged: bring your laptop/ tablet device.

Module 2: Marketing and exposure

  • Write about your competition
  • Your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop marketing strategies and your branding,
  • Identify ow to engage clients thru online marketing
  • Determine marketing costs and timing
  • Briefly present to your peers your marketing plan.

Prerequisite: Module one must be completed before taking module 2.

Module 3:  Financials and Finesse

  • Pricing, sales estimates and expense research,
  • Financial statements and projections
  • Polishing, formatting and creating visuals using Microsoft Office tools
  • Delivery of a 5 minute presentation to a panel of lenders and business coaches to support your efforts in articulating your business plan to others.

Prerequisite:  Must take modules 1 and 2.


June 6, 2019 to September 5, 2019.


For details and next steps, contact Maura Mitchell at (312) 853 – 3477 x130  or


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