Hispanic Heritage Month

-Latina-owned businesses are one of the fastest growing sectors of national entrepreneurship in the U.S., with ownership increasing by 87 percent in recent years.

-Additionally, while the national gender wage gap is 80 cents to the dollar for white women, it falls to less than 55 cents to the dollar for Hispanic women. We are committed to fighting for true wage parity in order to ensure that minority women business owners are given the opportunity to help contribute to our communities and businesses in impactful ways.

-Business ownership is one important way for Hispanic women to combat and overcome economic inequality in order to support their families and the communities they live in. At the WBDC, we are committed to supporting Hispanic business owners and entrepreneurs because we are dedicated to ensuring equal representation for the Hispanic community in business.

-High potential Latina business owners advance their economic welfare, but they also drive local and national economic development, and often make substantial contributions to the social fabric.

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