Small Business Spotlight: Chicago Business Strives to Improve Public Health

When Rebecca Fyffe purchased Landmark Pest Management in 2012, she recognized an opportunity to take the business to a new level. She knew if her company moved to a centralized location, cut costs to suppliers, and added more space she could create jobs and utilize her research-based approach to improve public health in more Chicagoland communities. To make that goal a reality, she needed investors to see her vision as clearly as she did. 

Rebecca, Landmark’s President and Director of Research, is a licensed urban wildlife manager. Her humane, green pest management company, Landmark, specializes in innovative solutions to resolve wildlife and pest issues inside homes and businesses. Rebecca’s team uses humane methods to remove wildlife from unwanted areas and addresses insect problems through green pest control methods that are less harmful to the people who live and work in the homes and buildings Landmark services. Read more.

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