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Success Stories

Angela Hart of Let’s Play Work

When thinking of an indoor playground for children, one thinks of an indoor space designed just for kids. However, what happens to the parents and caregivers that bring their children there?  As a parent herself, Angela Hart was in parenting groups on social media. She found that many parents and caregivers found that these indoor playgrounds were not comfortable for the adults that brought their children to these sites – a common issue was for parents that work from home. “Parents would complain that they couldn’t get work done because their laptop would die,” Angela said. She recognized the need to have adult-friendly child spaces and decided to start Let’s Play Work in October 2022. “I wanted to create a place that was comfortable for adults. Parents and caregivers can work if they want to work, or if they want to just sit and hang out, they can,” she said. 

Angela’s background was not in indoor playgrounds, though – it was in fashion design. As a result, Angela participated in a WBDC one-on-one advising session with Blanca Berthier at the WBC Chicago. Since she did not have experience in the business field, she did not know where to start with looking for funding. After meeting with Blanca, she realized that private loans would help her business. She was able to organize her thoughts and create a checklist of things she needed to do, based on Blanca’s advice and direction. Angela said that meeting with Blanca was a critical point for her in creating Let’s Play Work. “It was good to have confidence when being told it was a good idea,” Angela explained. “I never would have moved forward, and it would have stayed a dream.” 

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