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A Moment With...

Anisha Jackson

What is “A Moment With”? The Women’s Business Development Center is pleased to continue with our series, “A Moment With”, where we periodically highlight some of our greatest supporters and partners, sharing their career experiences and advice. This month, we are highlighting Anisha Jackson, Supplier Diversity Manager for American Family Insurance Group.

Meet Supplier Diversity Manager Anisha Jackson : Anisha Jackson is an award-winning Supplier Diversity Manager and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from Johnson & Wales University. Throughout Anisha’s career, she has driven positive business outcomes for several Fortune 500 companies. In her current role as Supplier Diversity Manager for American Family Insurance Group, Anisha is focused on developing a diverse supplier ecosystem that is socially and environmentally responsible. Through every system and initiative Anisha creates, she aims to drive the economic impact necessary to champion dreams and opportunities across all communities so that everyone can rise.

A Lesson

We asked: Looking back on your career at-large, is there anything you would have done differently?

Anisha Jackson shared: I would not do anything different.  Each of the experiences I’ve encountered so far in my career have shape me as the person I am today.  Without those experiences, I would not be who I am today and I am thankful for those moments.

A Turning Point

We asked: What advice would you share with someone looking to change their career?

Anisha Jackson shared: Go for it!!!  You don’t know your true capability until you do the work.  You could provide the next big idea to make life easier.

A Guidepost

We asked: What is your definition of success or failure?

Anisha Jackson shared: Failure should not be viewed negatively.  It should be used as a tool to propel you to your successes in life


Thank you, Anisha Jackson, for participating in “A Moment With”; we are proud to call you a loyal friend of the WBDC.

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