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Success Stories

David Toledo of Contemporary Farmers Inc.

David Toledo, driven by a passion for social change, founded Contemporary Farmer Inc. with the aim of empowering black, brown, and queer communities through entrepreneurship. His business model, centered around nourishment and education, initially provided microgreens to local restaurants. However, the pandemic forced David to pivot his business, leading him to manage a school garden, sell at farmers’ markets, and teach individuals to cultivate their own home gardens. Through this journey, he discovered the inclusive nature of his business, as growing and enjoying food became a unifying force for people from diverse backgrounds.

In 2022, David participated in the WBDC’s ScaleUp program, which revitalized his entrepreneurial spirit. ScaleUp helped him to realize that he is not alone in his business journey, in fact, he was shocked to learn about all the people that started their businesses at the same time as him and then faced the pandemic in such early stages of their business. Surrounded by a cohort of energetic entrepreneurs, he gained valuable skills in pitching, financial analysis, website revamping, and marketing. The program helped him view his business from a fresh perspective, with dedicated advisors supporting his growth. David continues to engage with WBDC, attending events to fuel his entrepreneurial drive and further develop his business.

To anyone that may be interested in attending ScaleUp, David says, “Do it! You will get the business management skills you need to continue feeling comfortable in your journey, you will meet local entrepreneurs and build a solid foundation for your business.” His story stands as a testament to the transformative impact of WBDC, enabling him to effect social change, empower communities, and build an inclusive and thriving business.

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