A Guided Process for Developing Your Business

Each session focuses on a critical aspect of business development and then allows time for you to draft part of a plan. To strengthen your skills, you get feedback from other participants. Moreover, a vast array of online tools are discussed that will assist you research questions related to finding your target market, analyzing your competition, and developing your business.

Upon completion of the program and a solid business pitch you will receive a Plan for Profit program certificate.


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Module 1: Foundation and Vision

  • Write the first draft of your executive summary.
  • Determine market needs at the industry level.
  • Identify your target market.
  • Build a company overview.
  • Pitch your idea to your peers.

Module 2: Marketing and exposure

  • Write about your competition.
  • Describe your company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Identify how to engage clients through online marketing.
  • Determine marketing costs and timing.

Module 3:  Financials and Finesse

  • Complete pricing, sales estimates, and expenses research.
  • Create initial financial projections.
  • Deliver a presentation to a panel of lenders and business coaches to support your efforts in articulating your business pitch.


Prior to acceptance into the program you must:

  • Be committed to only one business venture idea that you plan to develop.
  • Make an appointment with our Director of Entrepreneurial Services to help assess your idea and your readiness for this rigorous program.
  • Bring your laptop/ tablet device.



For upcoming dates and application process please contact Felicitas Cortez at (312)853-3477 x 610 or fcortez@wbdc.org


For details and next steps, contact Felicitas Cortez at (312)853-3477 x 610 or fcortez@wbdc.org.

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This program provided a community that encouraged me to explore business ideas in a safe, expertly guided environment. It motivated me to leverage my relationship with existing clients and to pursue potential new clients.

Shauna Cox - Qurity Tech, Chicago, IL, Plan for Profit Grad

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