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Six-Week Program | $60

The RiseUp cohort was explicitly designed for startup childcare businesses. Weekly topics range from SWOT analysis to operational efficiencies and recovery methods. In addition to this group learning, clients attend one-on-one advising sessions to discuss their business plans and financials. Strategic one-on-one advising helps owners manage their businesses and become more efficient, so repeat advising sessions are vital.

RiseUp! Curriculum

A preschool boy of Hispanic ethnicity sits next to his teacher as she is reading him a book on the classroom floor.Week 1: Getting Started

Week 2: Market research

Week 3: Marketing Strategy

Week 4: Pricing and Revenue

Week 5: Operations

Week 6: Financials


If you’re interested in joining the next RiseUp! Cohort, please click here to meet with the Childcare Business team!


Six-Week Program | $60

The Elevate! cohort is available to established licensed home providers and childcare center providers. It guides participants through a step-by-step process to develop a business and marketing plan, learn operational policies and procedures, and implement sound methods for managing their childcare business financials. While owners are in the cohort, they also receive one-on-one advising assistance on operations, financials, and opportunities to increase revenue.

Elevate! Curriculum

A group of multi-ethnic daycare children sit on the floor of their classroom, with their female teacher of Indian decent, as they explore a story together. A sweet curly-hired girl in front is holding the book open in the middle of them all. They are huddled in closely, dressed casually and have smiles on their faces as they laugh at a silly part in the story.Week 1: Growth Goals 

Week 2:  Industry Analysis 

Week 3: Customer Profiles 

Week 4: Marketing Strategy 

Week 5: Operations 

Week 6: Sustainability and Growth  

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