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Nine-Week Program | No Fee

This award-winning  ScaleUp  program assists established businesses ready to scale their business to new markets and new revenue. The ScaleUp team equips entrepreneurs with the business acumen, resources, and tools necessary to maintain a profitable business with comprehensive business development services. As entrepreneurs scale their businesses, they retain and create jobs, fuel economic growth, and build strong communities. 

Each week, the class works on a different side of the business. Participants learn about marketing, branding, and creating a 30-second pitch. On the financial side, they learn about financial statements, break-even pricing, and key performance indicators. Finally, participants learn about leadership and human resources to grow and scale their businesses.  

Business owners receive group advising, one-on-one mentoring, plus business sustainability and growth planning assistance.  

ScaleUp Curriculum

Shot of two work colleagues using a digital tablet during a business meeting at workWeek 1: Introductions and Growth Goals

Week 2: Industry and Competition

Week 3: Target Market and Sales

Week 4: Marketing Strategy and Tactics

Week 5: Operations and Management

Week 6: Financial Mastery

Week 7: Access to Capital

Week 8: Contracting and Certification

Week 9: Business Sustainability and Growth Plan Presentations

Ideal Candidates

Business Age: Two Years or More

Employees: Two or More

Owner: Working Full-Time in Business

Revenue: $15,000 or More


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Ten-Week Program | No Fee

ScaleHigher brings traditional business education, leadership skills training and digital tools together into one cohort. Business owners will gain valuable insights from leadership coaches to build their business around their unique leadership style and will work with storytelling experts to build a brand story and learn how to leverage it to drive sales. This cohort also includes a technology evaluation to inform decision-making. Peer-to-peer cohort learning connects a community of business owners and creates a supportive space to grow. 

Today’s business owners realize the importance of approaching their businesses with growth in mind, while also considering anticipated challenges and developing strategies to overcome them. This course is designed to help entrepreneurs realize the potential in having a growth mindset and how to utilize that potential to increase system effectiveness, brand loyalty, and revenue.  

ScaleHigher Curriculum

In ScaleHigher you will learn:

Week 1: You as a Leader (in your Business and Community)

Week 2: Solve Your Customer’s Problem

Week 3: Leverage Digital Tools to Grow Sales

Week 4: Build Your Brand Toolkit

Week 5: Human Resource Management  

Week 6: Making Informed Decisions Using Business Analytics  

Week 7: Business Finance Basics  

Week 8: Evaluating your Business’ Financial Position  

Week 9: Certification – Is it Right for Your Business?  

Week 10: Graduation Presentations- Acting on Your Growth Plan

Ideal Candidates

Business Age: Two Years or More

Revenue: $75,000 or More

Employees: Two or More

Status: Working on Business Full-Time


Committed to attending all 10 weeks of virtual learning via Zoom

Comfortable with trying and incorporating new digital tools into business


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