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Success Stories

Berenice Perez of Neveria Moreliana

Located in Plano, Illinois, Berenice Perez embarked on her entrepreneurial journey eleven years ago with the establishment of her ice cream shop, Neveria Moreliana. Though faced with initial challenges, Berenice’s unwavering determination, diligent work ethic, pursuit of business education, and commitment to exceptional products have propelled her business to unprecedented heights, positioning it as a benchmark for competitors in the area. Through her relentless efforts, she has expanded her resources and even added a full-time employee to accommodate the surge in demand during the summer season.

Berenice’s dedication extends beyond her business as she actively engages with the local community, providing her delectable products for school events and other occasions. Her commitment to fostering strong relationships and making a positive impact is highly regarded.

In 2021, Berenice seized the opportunity to participate in ScaleUp Aurora, a nine-week program offered by WBDC. This transformative experience equipped her with invaluable tools and knowledge to effectively manage her business. As a result, she has become more organized, gained a comprehensive understanding of her business finances, formulated plans for enhancing her shop, and is actively exploring new sales venues to further expand her reach.

Even amid the challenges posed by the pandemic, Berenice’s revenue continues to soar. Her adept price strategy enables her to navigate the rising costs of raw materials successfully. Moreover, she consistently captivates her customers by innovating new flavors and products. Recently, she introduced the tantalizing “Fresas Morelianas,” an irresistible ice cream infused with fresh strawberries.

Looking ahead, Berenice is preparing for the winter season by diversifying her offerings. She plans to introduce delightful treats such as Atole and coffee, aiming to attract a broader customer base to her shop.

Berenice’s remarkable achievements caught the attention of Congressperson Lauren Underwood, who recently visited her establishment. Berenice was chosen as one of three businesses in Plano, Illinois, to showcase how government resources can support entrepreneurial growth. The congressperson’s visit garnered significant attention, with highlights shared on Instagram, further solidifying Berenice’s status as a distinguished business owner.

To fuel her continued growth, Berenice is making a substantial investment of $10,000 in state-of-the-art equipment. With a combination of personal funds and additional financing from external sources, she is poised to propel her business to new heights and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead.


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