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Success Stories

Genesis Bencivenga, Sr. of Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding

Empowered by the Chicago Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) and supported by a strategic partnership with Walgreens, the ascent of Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding stands as a testament to unwavering determination and resilient entrepreneurship. Genesis, in collaboration with her father Lorenzo, embarked on a transformative journey in 2011, crafting delectable recipes in their kitchen to forge a brighter financial future. Their culinary ingenuity yielded a range of flavors, starting with the iconic Southern-style banana pudding, captivating the streets of Chicago where their initial sales venture thrived.

Driven by a shared vision, Genesis and Lorenzo aspired to expand their delectable creations beyond local realms, envisioning national and international acclaim. With an enduring commitment to her father’s legacy, Genesis named the enterprise Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding. Despite initial successes, the challenge of meeting escalating demand emerged, prompting a pivotal pause. Embracing the lessons of the past, Genesis revitalized the venture in 2020 with a fresh perspective and a determination to overcome previous obstacles.

In her quest for sustainable growth, Genesis turned to the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), an organization renowned for empowering women- and minority-owned businesses. Under the WBDC’s guidance, Genesis navigated a transformative path through the Top Shelf: High Volume Growth Insights program. This innovative eight-week curriculum-equipped cohort not only refined her market strategies and pricing models but also connected her with invaluable mentors and retail experts. Supported by committed corporate sponsors like Walgreens, the program ushered Genesis into a realm of newfound opportunities.

Tony Billinger, Walgreens’ Director of Supplier Diversity, lauds the program’s mutually beneficial impact, highlighting the symbiotic growth potential for both emerging enterprises and retail giants. The WBDC’s Cynthia Johnson emphasizes that the program signifies an enduring commitment to sustainable prosperity, fostering not only successful businesses but also community upliftment.

Today, Genesis stands at the helm of a reinvigorated Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding, gracing the shelves of over 70 Walgreens stores. Her journey exemplifies the profound impact of collaboration, resilience, and unwavering dedication. As she reflects on her remarkable odyssey, Genesis radiates optimism, acknowledging that persistence, guided by a supportive network, can conquer all obstacles. With Walgreens by her side, the horizon remains boundless, beckoning Lorenzo’s Frozen Pudding toward a future brimming with promise.

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